From its first publication in 1960, the AGS Quarterly has served the Society membership as an award-winning medium for publication. It is published once per quarter in the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter

Submissions deadlines are:   
February 23, 2020      for the Spring issue
May 24, 2020              for the Summer issue
2020 Issues for Fall and Winter have been put on hiatus during the COVID pandemic.

Individual, family, lifetime and institutional members will receive the AGS Quarterly.

Link to Submission Guidelines

Contributions to the AGS Quarterly

Being a member-supported periodical, the Quarterly relies heavily on submissions from the Society membership. Published materials and articles typically fall within the following types:

Travis County Records and Transcriptions
This includes record transcriptions, cemetery surveys, obituaries, interesting newspaper articles and similar items. Care should be taken to preserve original spelling. Include a description of the records, including location, condition and additional information.

Original Research or Case Studies
One goal is to provide Society membership with a medium to disseminate the fruits of their efforts. This can vary from simple group sheets to a full case study. While not required, source citation for stated facts is highly encouraged. Compiled family data or original research need not have an Austin, or even a Texas, focus.

Educational Columns
Descriptions of resources, record-keeping methods and development of critical analysis skills are all examples of relevant articles.

Essays and Narratives
Personal narratives that focus on historical events or research efforts.

Submission Guidelines
If possible, it is preferred that an electronic version of the article, in Microsoft Word or some other common format, be sent by e-mail to AGS Quarterly Editor. Any accompanying illustrations, maps or photographs should be provided as separate image files with brief instructions as to their use and captioning. Do not include headers or footers. All references and citations should appear as footnotes rather than endnotes or embedded in the body.

All submissions must include a statement from the submitter giving Austin Genealogical Society permission to publish. Author(s) reserve all other copyright.

Note: Contributors are solely responsible for accuracy and proper citation of consulted sources. In addition, contributors are responsible for adhering to all applicable copyright law in their works. AGS assumes no responsibility for content of submitted material.

Editorial Process

The AGS Editor reserves the right to edit all contributed materials for style, grammar, and length. Any editorial changes will be submitted to the author for approval.

It is the intent of AGS to avoid publishing personal information that is considered private, to identify author ownership for copyright purposes and to publish accurate information through direct verification, identification of information source or author’s declaration.

The AGS Quarterly Editor is Angela Doetsch.